How do I order?

How to order

On almost every page on our website you will find the order button next to or under a product, you click here to place 1 item of the selected product in your shopping cart.

Your shopping cart

In the overview of your shopping cart you will find the list of products you want to purchase, it is possible to leave your shopping cart for further shopping. All products that you then ordered will be added to your order list.

Customize shopping cart

If you have a product that you do not want to order, click on the minus next to the product or enter as number 0. then click on "Recalculate" above or below the shopping cart. The product then disappears from your shopping cart.

Payments and deliveries

You will find all relevant information about payments and deliveries on the following page: Payment and shipping

Finish orders

As soon as you click on checkout you will arrive at the order page which consists of four steps.

  1. Your data page, enter your name and address;
  2. Invoice and shipping address, if necessary, enter a different shipping address where we have to deliver;
  3. shipping options, here you can see the shipping options and the costs of shipping;
  4. Payment options, here you see the payment options you have, as soon as you click on a method you will see the costs for the method on the right;

After selecting the payment method you will be redirected to the payment processor, after payment you will be returned to our website. There you will find your underneath your account with the status "processed", as soon as we send your products the status will be changed to "Completed".

You will receive an email of the status with your invoice which can also be downloaded online as a PDF.

Track & Trace

If your order has received a track & trace number, you will receive an email about this, if your order is considered "complete" you will find the track & trace number in this email at the top right.